Viewing photos like humans do

Fotofami not only recognizes your family members and friends in photos just as you would, it also tells kids from adults, crying from laughing, eyes open or closed, giving you more fun in rediscovering memories.


Taking pictures with the built-in Camera function in Fotofami App, photos and videos will be stored directly into Fotofami, instead of eating up your iPhone space.

Enhanced Privacy protection

All photos and videos stored in Fotofami are encrypted for added security.  They won’t be uploaded to the internet unless you tap to share them to social networks. Pass Code / Finger Print authentication prevents others from accessing your photos.

Collect & Share

Collect photos from all family members has never been so easy. Plug and copy, then leave Fotofami organizes those photos for you. Sharing dozens of photos or big videos is no longer a problem either. Enjoy such face-to-face moment of sharing mutual memories, since we are loosing it now.


Saving your photos to your Fotofami only requires the complimentary cable. There’s no WiFi needed so you can store your photos anytime, anywhere.

Capacity & Quality

Fotofami G2 (128GB)  holds approx. 100,000 photos or 1040 minutes videos;
Fotofami G1 (64GB)  holds approx. 50,000 photos or 520 minutes videos.
All media are saved in original HD quality.

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