A Time Capsule For Your Love Ones.

Preserve cherished memories in a beautiful way



When plugged in iPhone, Fotofami starts backing up photos and videos from your Camera Roll securely. Zero setup needed, no duplicating pics. The result, you can enjoy freeing up your iPhone space now.


Fotofami is MFI Certified by Apple Inc. 

Let A.I. do the tedious work

Pioneering A.I. technology powered, Fotofami is ready to organize tons of photos and videos for you.  We are here to turn the tedious work into tea time.


Fotofami recognizes every face of your family members and friends. It creates timelines for everyone.  So, who is most photographed?


Fotofami discovers those wonderful moments for you, replays them in musical slides. These moments are your valuable assets of family history. Fotofami helps you build them with no friction.


Powered by Deep Learning Visual Engine

Pre-Order Now, Get Your Fotofami in November

Fotofami G1 (64GB)

$129.00 $99.00

Fotofami G1 (64GB)  holds approx. 50,000 photos or 520 minutes videos.

Fotofami G2 (128GB)

$169.00  $149.00

Fotofami G2 (128GB)  holds approx. 100,000 photos or 1040 minutes videos.

Fotofami G2 Double Pack ( 128GB x2 )

$338.00  $278.00

Two Fotofami G2 (128GB)  included, each holds approx. 100,000 photos or 1040 minutes videos. Perfect for double backup!

Free Shipping to US, Singapore, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea. Delivery in October.

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